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Showing posts from September 13, 2017

Favorite Products: FinchBerry Soap

Hey y'all! Lots of people use shower gel or hand soap to wash themselves. I use soap bars! They honestly smell so much better and come in the cutest packaging! Today I am reviewing a brand called FinchBerry, enjoy!

The packaging of this soap is gorgeous, am I right? It's so professional looking and has a "hip" look. The brand has hundreds of scents and they are so unique looking!

Also, the soaps are good quality, my grandma buys me this brand of soap all the time and I always know when she does because when I am near the shopping bag(where the soaps are in) I can smell the soaps!  I really like the swirls at the top of the bar, it makes it look so pretty! Normally soaps are shaped as squares/ovals/rectangles/etc but this brand it different! 
Thank you for reading! And go check out FinchBerry! Love, Gabby