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Showing posts from August 10, 2017

My Summer Reflections

Hey y'all! Summer is nearly gone and school is approaching, and this summer I have learned and done so much! Today I am sharing my reflections of Summer 2017, enjoy!

1. Lifeguarding isn't for everyone. This summer I got my first job as a lifeguard at my local water park. I have realized that it isn't for me however it introduced me to something I am very passionate about.
2. Creating a business. When I lifeguarded, I would be in a group of 4 lifeguards and teach little kids how to swim. When my mom's friends found out that I was a lifeguard, they asked if I could do private lessons for their kids. And while I was doing lessons with the other lifeguards, I realized that this is what I love to do! This summer, I did 9 lessons a week Monday-Friday then go to work. It was challenging, but next year is going to be promising! I am going to just do lessons next summer and hopefully get a lot more lessons in.
3. Scary movies. I have a tennis family, and one day when we showed up …