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How to Get Better at Tennis

Hey y'all! I am a Varsity tennis player at my high school! Today I am sharing my tips on how to become a better tennis player, what to bring when you play, and more! Enjoy!

1. Don't get mad if you lose your match. Instead of getting mad at yourself, admit what you did wrong, learn from your mistakes, and get better.
2. Be aggressive when playing, but don't go out and kill the ball! All of my friends call me a power house because I hit the ball so hard, but you must maintain control of the ball. What I mean about killing the ball is, don't hit it as hard as you can, most likely it will go out.
3. Bring a towel to your match if you sweat a lot.
4. Be positive. If you are playing doubles, it's a good idea to high five your partner after each point to keep each other motivated. 
5. Your partner comes before picking up a ball. If you are playing doubles and you won the point, don't just turn around, pick up the ball, then go high five your partner. High five your partner…