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Colorado Trip Recap

Hey y'all! So if you have been seeing my posts on Instagram, you have seen that I went to Colorado!! We went to Estes Park, a small town by the Rocky Mountain National Park! Today I am sharing pictures and what we did, enjoy!

DAY 1:
Our first day in Colorado was spectacular, the drive to Estes Park was absolutely beautiful! The road was in the middle of two mountains next to the Big Thomson River. It was gorgeous!! 

When we got to our campsite, my mom and I immediately went to town and started shopping!

My favorite store had bath bombs, soaps, oils, and salts from Mixture! The store was called Trendz. I will do a blog post soon about the things that I bought from Colorado soon! 

When we got back shopping, the other families that we were traveling with had made it to the campground. We decided to stay at the campsite and explore!

It was breathtaking, everywhere you looked you saw trees, mountains, and at least one water source. My friends and I finished the night by watching a movie in o…