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I'm Going to Jail! Just Kidding

Hey y'all! Today I am sharing a hilarious story about one crazy pool day with my brother, it left us both laughing and a memory we will never forget, enjoy!

It was about a week ago, I had the day off from work and I was playing with my brother in our pool. My brother wanted to play prison so he ran to his room and got his play metal hand cuffs. I allowed him to put them on me since I am never home and we haven't played together in a while. He puts the hand cuffs on me and about 5 seconds later I demand him to take them off because they were so tight on my wrists. He laughs and gets the key and puts it in the hole. Suddenly, I hear a SNAP and my brother is pale. I say "Uh Gavin what was that". Gavin pulls the key out of the hole and the top part of the key is gone! It had snapped inside the hole. Now I am panicking, I have these tight metal hand cuffs on and the key is broken. We get out of the pool and get our mom. She at first laughs then stops when she realizes that…