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How to Prepare Yourself Before a Race

Hey y'all! When I first started swimming and playing tennis, I would get so nervous before the race or match. I would get shaky or lose confidence. Other times I would feel drained before the race or match or not motivated. I have found 10 great ways to solve these problems! Enjoy!

1. Go somewhere quiet, close your eyes, and imagine what you are going to do during the race/game/match, are you going to start out slow? Fast? What are you gonna look like? What are you going to be thinking about? Imagine you saying the score of the point, diving in the pool, etc. Also go through a check list of technique things that you are going to do, for example, I tell myself to kick hard and have fast flip turns.
2. I do a mini prayer before I race, so if that's something you are comfortable doing go for it!
3. Stretch. But not too much, don't want to be sore before you take off!
4. Drink lots of water the morning of your race and A LOT on the night before your race.
5. Eat healthy. Eat carbs …