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College Review: Missouri S&T

Hey y'all! I took a break from blogging for a few days because I was busy getting ready to go then leaving to a engineering camp in Rolla Missouri! I got to stay at a college called Missouri S&T in a dorm, I stayed at the college from July 9-13. I got to experience so many things and today I am sharing what I did! Enjoy!

When I first got to the camp, I decided what 5 fields of engineering I wanted to learn about. I chose: Geology, Chemical, Mining/Explosives, Aerospace, and Environmental! Here is what I did in each class:

Geology: The professors took us to a local park to inspect the river. We got to catch very small bugs with special equipment and look at them. We also used tools to measure the depth, width, and how fast the water traveled through a certain area. Then we went back to campus and went to a classroom. A professor talked about what she does and all of the experience she has and where she has traveled. For example, she got to spend 8 months in the middle of the ocea…