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Showing posts from July 5, 2017

Q&A from Instagram Followers

Hey y'all! Today I asked my Instagram followers to DM me questions about anything so I can answer them on the blog, enjoy!

From @pinkeinstein:
What's your go to outfit during the summer?
My go to outfit during the summer is a Jadelynn Brooke shirt, Nike shorts, and tennis shoes since I am always either running, playing tennis, hiking, or at the pool.
Favorite summer snack?
My favorite summer snack is pineapple. I also like s'mores!

From @radieantlyrylie:
What do you use to take your pics?
I use my phone, however I am wanting to buy myself a camera soon!
Tips for growing your blog?
Have interesting content, have nice quality photos, put lots of effort in each post, be different from other bloggers. (These are tips I am using right now too!)
Editing tips for bloggers?
I use VSCO to edit my pictures, they have lots of filters and it is easy to use.
Favorite blogs?
I did a blog post about my favorite blogs/bloggers a while back, click here to view it!

From @sunshinestatejulia:
How old are you…