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Showing posts from June 30, 2017

Mississippi Miracle Clay

Hey y'all! I am lifeguarding this summer and my knees ache every time I go home, and the other day while I was visiting my grandma she gave me this muscle and joint mineral rub by Mississippi Miracle Clay! When you put it on, it smells like mint and feels very smooth. Right after putting it on my knees they feel good as new!! 

First, you take some of the clay and rub it on what ever aches or hurts. Then massage it in big circles and let it dry! Click here to view the clay. 

Thanks for reading! 

Get Patriotic with JLB

Hey y'all! Today I am sharing some cute preppy 4th of July clothing, enjoy! 

Jadelynn Brooke shirt: $34

Jadelynn Brooke tank: $32

Jadelynn Brooke shirt: $34

Dress: $49

Ball cap: $32

Cover up $39

Fanny pack: $22

Use my code GBBHS17 to get 15% off any JLB purchase! Thanks for reading!