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My Favorite Bath and Body Products

Hey y'all! Today I am sharing my favorite bath and body products, because if you know me, I am the BATH QUEEN. Enjoy!

Lush I believe is one of the best natural and organic products out there, because anything they sell there is made from natural resources. I LOVE their bath bombs and soaps however their shampoo bars are my favorite. 

All you have to do is wet the bar while you are in the shower and rub it on your wet scalp, it  bubbles up and makes your hair smell amazing, and after using it your scalp feels clean and fresh. 

Mixture has everything from candles to bath bombs, and they have tons of scents!! A local shop sells their bath bombs so I get them all of the time, in each bath bomb a gift is inside it! Most of the time it is a charm or maybe a ring, but the idea is creative and it's fun to figure out what is inside your bath bomb.