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Showing posts from June 3, 2017

Dress Obsessed

Hey y'all! So the other day I was doing some online shopping and I found this company called A'GACI. They have some super cute dresses that I want to share with y'all, enjoy!

This dress is only $21.90

The Move Beyond Show

Hey y'all! If you follow my Instagram, then you know that I went to the Move Beyond show featuring Derek and Julianne Hough! I was so surprised about how amazing the show was, there was not one time when I was bored or yawning. During the entire show you are either screaming on top of your lungs, laughing, dancing, or just star struck from the dance moves. I am lucky to have such a wonderful grandma who got my family VIP tickets to meet them! The first impression that I got from them was energetic, funny, sweet, real, compassionate, and determined. When we were in the VIP room, they talked about how motion is emotion, that the way you move is the way you feel. Derek told us how he has never seen a depressed or sad dancer, because dancing brings joy not suffering. He encouraged that everyone should dance to spread love and joy. After watching him and Julianne perform, I was convinced that they love what they do and they are truly happy when they dance. It brought me much joy when m…