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My Style

Hey y'all here is some of my favorite clothing from my favorite shops! I will link the website where they came from, enjoy!

This shirt is adorable! I love the ruffles at the bottom of the shirt and the color, it's so cute! Click hereto view it.

I obviously love this shirt because it's simple, stylish, and has the word "blog" on it! Click here to view it. 

This dress is so cute! The front is a jean print and the back is a paisly contrast pattern! Click here to view it.

This dress is adorable!! It's so simple and such a cute pattern. And it's flowy and would look great with a statement necklace! Click here to view it.

This Lilly Pulitzer dress is darling! I love all of the colors and how flowy it is, the print is gorgeous!! Click here to view it.

This dress is so cute! I love the pineapple pattern and the colors. Click here to view it. 

This off the shoulder dress is perfect! Anything Lilly Pulitzer is adorable! Click here to view it. 

This tropical dress is so cut…

Bouncy Seaweed Fun

Hey y'all! My grandma bought me these adorable plants called Marimo Moss Balls or "bouncy seaweed" and today I am sharing facts, how to take care of them, and how to get one! Enjoy!


In Japan they are considered good luck charms and a national treasure They are made round by the waves of the lakes where it livesIt's a type of algae They are very easy to take care of!They are super cute!!!Known to live for 200 years or longerThey are often kept as family heirloomsThey are thought to symbolize closeness in family membersMarimo moss balls grow slowly, about 1/5 inch per yearCan reach 12 inches in diameter!How to Take Care of Your Marimo Moss Ball Can be kept in a bottle, aquarium, whateverHousehold lighting Kept in tap water at room temperature Change the water every few weeks Turn the Marimo ball over every once in a while to keep its round shape How to Get One Surprisingly, they are very easy to find and order. Here is some links on how to get one!
Pistil Nursery