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Showing posts from May 21, 2017

Life Update

Hey y'all! It's been 1 week of summer and I am already having so much fun! From lifeguarding to tennis, I've been having a blast!

Literally everyday since school has gone out, I have been out on the tennis courts with my friends playing, it's so much fun! The other day we all went hiking together to a golf course near the courts and crawled through tunnels, played in the creek, caught lizards, and so much more. It was awesome!

Three times a week I go to lifeguard training, it's been so much fun getting to know everyone better and getting in the pool! The pool opens up to the public in 1 week and I am so excited!

I went to the lake with my bible study group and we jumped in the cold lake, it was so much fun! We all met at the lake and had a picnic, we listened to country music and admired the beautiful scenery. It was so much fun hanging out with them!

I have been getting ready for summer swim team by going to an indoor pool in a different town and conditioning. It'…