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Advice for Taking the AP World History Test

Hey y'all! On May 11 I took the AP World test and here is some important tips to help you be prepared for the test!

1. Take notes in class.
If there is a important date, write it down. If there is an important dynasty or rule in a country, write it down! 

2. Be aware of different time periods and what happened. 
Example: the 1400s or the 1600s. I had a question regarding global political changes from 1450 to present time. It was difficult to answer because I did not study political changes, just names and places. 

3. Get a good night's rest before you take the test. 
I was exhausted when I took the test because I was up all night studying. So make sure you study early that night then go to bed early. 

4. Stay focused. 
Do not get distracted while reading, answering, or planning out your essay. Remember, this test is timed, so every second and every minute is very valuable. 

Click here to view a Quizlet that has lots of dates/events/names that are good to know!

Thank you for reading! Goo…