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God Is Everywhere

Hey y'all! Today I am sharing incredible recent moments of my life where I knew God was there watching me and supporting me, enjoy!

We all know that God watches over us and loves us, but let's face it, sometimes we feel like he really isn't there right? But then there are other times where you KNOW God is there watching over you, like if you looked behind you he would be standing there.  These moments can be sad or happy, but regardless we feel stronger after because we know God was watching.


A Month Ago:
I had just found one of my cats dead on a side of a hill, tears were streaming down my face, I was horrified to find him laying so still. I prayed to God and looked at my surroundings, the grass was golden and the trees had tiny green buds on them. For miles I could see trees, the golden grass, and the roads. The view was so beautiful, and I knew that God painted this landscape. 

Two Months Ago:
I was running late for school, I left my house at 7:10 and school started …