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Why Tennis Starts With Love

Hey y'all! Today I am sharing a few tips and videos on how to improve your tennis game, or to start it! Enjoy!

1. Play frequently 
Tennis is a sport like many others, you must practice practice practice! My tennis coach is always telling us to play on the weekends in order to get better.

2. Make sure that you have a nice quality racket, and that the weight of the racket it appropriate for you! Babolat, Head, and Prince are very nice racket brands. Many people do not realize that if they have a too heavy or light racket that it can effect their game badly. 

3. Watch the pros play! 
Watch Serena Williams or Rodger Federer play and you can pick up some useful tips or strategies just by watching them! 

4. Keep your feet moving!
When you are about to hit the ball, be light on your feet, getting prepared to return the ball. Movement on the court is key to winning the point!

5. Stick to a pattern
When you are serving the ball, try to stick to a pattern before you hit it. For example, I bounce the…