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My Top Favorite Disney Princesses

Hey y'all! If you are like me, as a child you always wanted to be a princess after watching Disney movies. Here are my favorite Disney princesses and why! Enjoy!

Snow White
Snow White was the first Disney princess, so I believe she deserves to be on my top list. Also, I love how even though at the beginning she is dressed in rags, she still is beautiful.

I love Rapunzel has such a energetic and cheerful soul, and is empathetic to everyone around her. 

Ariel has one of the most beautiful singing voice out of all of the princesses, and I adore her awkward silent(haha get it?) yet cute relationship with Eric. 

Jasmine is clever, a fast learner, and knows how to make a man fall to his knees. I think she has a type of confidence that every girl wishes she had more of, how she can stand up against a sorcerer, a "prince", and even her own father.\

Mulan risked her own life to save her father and his honor. She cuts her hair, joins the army, gets …