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Showing posts from April 13, 2017

Happiness is Key

Hey y'all? Have you ever met someone that makes you smile, no matter what the situation? Today I am telling you about a girl that has literally changed my behavior during any day, enjoy!

This last weekend I went to a lifeguard training camp for a local water park where I plan on working at in the summer. I knew nobody that was doing the camp with me, so I was super nervous that I would be all by myself. On the first day of the camp, I step into the classroom and realize that 99% of the teenagers in the room already knew each other, they were all lifeguards together for many summers. So I walk into the classroom and sit down in a desk in the front corner, right when I sat down a girl started talking to me, asking if I am excited to be a lifeguard, stuff like that. The rest of the day she talked to me, and she was also a returning guard. I never once heard her say anything negative about a person, frown, gossip, whine, or anything of those sorts. By the way, this camp lasted on some …