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Mississippi Miracle Clay Skin Care

Hey y'all! Mississippi Miracle Clay is now one of my favorite skin care product companies, everything is organic and made with the finest ingredients! Today I am collaborating with Mississippi Miracle Clay by reviewing more of their products! Enjoy!
//Mineral Castile Soap//Watermelon Seed Facial Serum//Charcoal Mint Facial Mask//Muscadine Honey Facial Mask//

After putting on this clay, you feel radiant!! It smells fresh and when you wash it off you feel like a totally new person! I put this clay at night for about 15 minutes before I go to bed then wash it off, absolutely love it!

I put this clay on as much as possible! It smells minty and feels so good when you have it on! It seriously feels like the charcoal is giving your face a total makeover! I wear the mask for 10-15 minutes and it's easy to wash off! 

This serum is so refreshing! I put it on in the morning when I feel worn out or my face feels clammy or sweaty from waking up. It wakes me up and works great!
This mineral castile soap feels so good on my hands! I use it to wash my hands everyday and after I use it my hands feel soft and smooth. I will probably move the soap to my shower so I can use it in there too! 

Thank you so much for reading! Highly recommend Mississippi Miracle Clay because of their wonderful products and amazing staff! Click here to view their Instagram and click here to view the website.

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