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Short Story: My Conversation with God

Hey y'all! If you don't know already, I LOVE writing. In my spare time I love to write blog posts and short stories. This short story is one of my new projects! Please leave feedback in the comment section if I should continue the story. Thanks and enjoy!

My Conversation with God
God: Are you sure?
Me: Yes.
God: Remember, after this decision there is no turning back, no second chances.
Me: I understand.
God: Then I will do it. Remember, I love you, my daughter.
Me: I love you too, my Lord.

Chapter 1:
The perfect blue sky, the puffy white clouds, the smell of sunscreen, and the taste of watermelon would seem like a perfect day at the lake. The Day had all of these details however, thirty seconds of that day changed me forever. I remember the day so clearly, like it was yesterday, however it has actually been 22 years since The Day. But even now, I remember it all. How is it that our minds can remember every detail before a life changing moment? Sometimes I wish my mind would forget what happened. But that’s impossible.

Chapter 2:
My brother and I grew up on the lake, and were taught how to wakeboard by our parents very young. My brother, Gavin, was much better at wakeboarding then I was, he was daring, confident, fearless. I stayed comfortable on the waves by just doing jumps and 180s while he did 360s and riding backwards. It was my first time wakeboarding in 2 years, since the year before I had injured my left knee in track. Little did I know that time would be my last.

“Come on Gabby, do a big jump!” Gavin yelled from the boat.

I rolled my eyes and yelled back “No way!”

After fastening my boot straps and putting on my gloves, I grabbed the rope handle and positioned myself to start.

“Ready Dad!” I yelled, adrenaline rushing through me.

Dad turned the boat into drive and accelerated through the water.

I bent my knees and hoisted myself on top of the board, a little shaky from not working the muscles in so long.

For a while I just stayed in between the wakes, getting used to the water. I see Gavin, Mom, and Dad getting out the sandwiches we packed for lunch. None of them are watching me while they are eating.

“Come on Gabby, surprise them, show them what you got.” I said outloud, gaining confidence.

I lean towards the left wake and lean back as far as I can, getting distance in between myself and the wake.

Now, go! I lean hard right and bend my knees and leap up as I hit the wake. I got sailing up, at least 6 feet in the air. I can see everything, and suddenly, my grip on the handle slips and I fall in the water. I crash head first and cough after swallowing gallons of water. None of my family notices that I fell, and they keep driving.

“Dad! Mom! Gavin! Come back!” I yell!

They are now about 400 yards away from me and they finally notice I’m not holding on the rope and Dad makes a circle and heads back toward me.

I start laughing, they are not going to believe that I almost made a big jump!

Suddenly, I hear a loud motor behind me, I turn around and a boat with the name Sea Krab is right behind me, full speed. I scream, close my eyes, and ----.

This memory haunted me in my dreams for years after The Day, and every time I think about that moment, my heart stops beating for a few seconds. I’m sorry I paused, this next moment changed me.

I slowly open my eyes, shocked that I am no longer at the lake, but in a white, square shaped room. In a chair sits a stranger, he is wearing black pants and a white shirt, and has tan skin. His eyes are a deep blue and has dark brown hair. He seems to be at least 50 years old, and his eyes have warmth in them. He is sitting in a white, simple chair.

“Hello, Gabrielle.” He says softly.

I am shocked at how powerful his voice sounds even though he spoke gently. He even sounds familiar.

“Who, who are you? Where am I? Where is my family? Am I… am I dead?” I commanded, terrified of what’s happening to me.

He laughs gently, bringing me warmth and comfort. “Why, I am God, Gabrielle. You are not dead, but you are also not alive right now. And I cannot answer anything about your family right now.”

My eyes widen, “My Lord! I can’t believe this, you are God? But that would kind of make sense that you are God since I was at the lake a minute ago and now I am in a room. But wait, what do you mean that I am not dead nor alive?”

God smiles, “Yes, I am God, the creator of the earth and the universe. The room that you and I are in right now is the bridge between Earth and the Heavens. I am giving you a choice because I believe that you are needed on Earth right now. But you get to choose, go back to Earth, live, find out what happened on the lake, or go to Heaven right now and live with me.”

“Did I get hit by the boat? Am I scarred or injured? Is my family okay?” I asked.

“You can only know these things if you choose to go back to Earth, if you decide to go to Heaven, you will never find out.”

“Why did you say that I am needed on Earth?” I ask.

“That is for you to figure out if you choose to live.” God said kindly.

Many people have asked me, do I ever regret the decision I made? Sometimes, after many surgeries, therapies, nightmares, I thought about my choice. But no, I do not regret my decision. Why? There are so many reasons to live, to be grateful, and to be happy.

God: Are you sure?

Me: Yes.

God: Remember, after this decision there is no turning back, no second chances.

Me: I understand.

God: Then I will do it. Remember, I love you, my daughter.

Me: I love you too, my Lord.

I open my eyes, and I am surrounded by doctors, Mom, Dad, my grandparents, Gavin, friends, and other family members.

“She’s woken up.” A nurse said gently and steps aside to let my family stand next to me. I try to speak, but nothing comes out. I try to move my right arm, nothing is there, the entire arm is gone. I try to move my left leg, everything past my knee is gone. My right leg is covered in bandages, and I can feel tightened skin running across it. My left arm is in a sling and covered in bandages. My chest has several stitches and bandages on it and I can feel my back also has cuts. My left eye is swollen and I can barely see out of it.

“Don’t try to talk sweetie, those muscles are probably very sore.” The nurse said gently. “You were in a coma for 2 weeks, and you pulled through, what a miracle.

Two weeks?!?! That’s not possible, I had a five minute conversation with God, wake up, and two weeks past??

“My baby! We are so glad that you are safe.” Mom cries and puts her hand on my cheek. Tears stream down my eyes, the words I want to say so badly are written in my eyes. Mom understands and glances at my missing limbs and the cuts and bandages. “I know baby, I know.”

Even now, I am puzzled by this moment. How is it that a short conversation with God turned out to be a 2 week time span? I believe that in Heaven and in the room, time goes by slower than on Earth. That’s the only explanation.

Written by: Gabrielle Brown

Thanks for reading!

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