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Mississippi Miracle Clay

Hey y'all! I am lifeguarding this summer and my knees ache every time I go home, and the other day while I was visiting my grandma she gave me this muscle and joint mineral rub by Mississippi Miracle Clay! When you put it on, it smells like mint and feels very smooth. Right after putting it on my knees they feel good as new!! 

First, you take some of the clay and rub it on what ever aches or hurts. Then massage it in big circles and let it dry! Click here to view the clay. 

Thanks for reading! 

Get Patriotic with JLB

Hey y'all! Today I am sharing some cute preppy 4th of July clothing, enjoy! 

Jadelynn Brooke shirt: $34

Jadelynn Brooke tank: $32

Jadelynn Brooke shirt: $34

Dress: $49

Ball cap: $32

Cover up $39

Fanny pack: $22

Use my code GBBHS17 to get 15% off any JLB purchase! Thanks for reading!

Pura Vida Wallpapers

Hey y'all! Pura Vida is a company where the bracelets are made in Costa Rica and money is given to the citizens. All of Pura Vida's products are bright and colorful, and so is their new wallpapers! 

They are so cute and bright! I have the first picture on my wallpaper! Thanks for reading!

Current Favorite Books

Hey y'all! Today I am sharing a list of my current favorite books, enjoy!

The Outsiders by S. E. HintonEast of Eden by John SteinbeckWonder by Raquel J. PalacioThe Selection by Kiera CassThe Jewel by Amy EwingThe Burn by Annie OldhamPerfected by Kate Jarvik Birch The Young Elites by Marie Lu The Hunt by Stacie KadeI Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore Matched by Ally CondieVariant by Robison WellsThe Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre DumasThirteen Reasons Why by Jay AsherEleanor and Park by Rainbow RowellThe Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger Little Women by Louisa May AlcottNineteen Eighty-Four by George OrwellThe Giver by Luis Lowry Lord of the Flies by William GoldingHatchet by Gary PaulsonWhen You Reach Me by Rebecca SteadTwilight by Stephenie MeyerDivergent by Veronica Roth The Raft by S. A. BodeenThe Lions of Little Rock by Kristin LevineIsland of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'DellThe Running Dream by Wendelin Van DranenRacing in the Rain by Garth SteinThanks for reading an…

Bloggers that I Love

Hey y'all! Today I am sharing some bloggers that inspire me and have amazing posts! Enjoy!

Daily Dose of Charm
Daily Dose of Charm is owned by a girl named Lauren, she is so pretty and has the cutest outfits!! I can't imagine the size of her closet!! Lauren just got back from Italy and it seemed like she had a wonderful time there, and she took beautiful pictures there too!

Sophie Shoelover
Sophie is close friends with KJP and is always wearing their clothing! Sophie is very creative with her posts and especially the names of them. Sophie inspires me because every post makes you giggle from her enthusiasm and her pictures are stunning!

Belle of the Ball
Belle of the Ball is owned by Abby who is in college and loves Vineyard Vines, KJP, J Crew, and Carolina Clothing Company. Abby is currently an intern for Carolina Clothing Company! Abby has the cutest ideas when taking pictures and is always traveling somewhere new and adventuring! 

Daily Dose of Prep
Daily Dose of Prep is owned by Lu…


Hey y'all! Today I am sharing some cute gifts that ModParty sells on Etsy! The owner of ModParty, Hina, makes gifts for weddings, baby showers, and more! Here are some pictures of her adorable products, enjoy!

Personalized Cosmetic Bags: $10

Monogram Travel Mugs: $16.95

Coffee Mugs: $16

Monogram Keychains: $16

Monogram Pens: $15

Pineapple Balloons: $7

Tassels: $14

Thanks for reading and make sure that you check out ModParty!


Motivation Songs

Hey y'all! Today I am sharing songs that will cheer me up and motivate me to work harder, if it's on my homework, during my workout and everything between. Enjoy! 

Trumpets by Jason DeruloConfident by Demi LovatoEye of the Tiger by SurvivorCake by the Ocean by DNCEElectric Love by DopamineLittle Talks by Of Monsters and MenDrag Me Down by One Direction Riptide by Vance JoyHalo by BeyoncĂ©Shape of You by Ed Sheeran Hooked on a Feeling by Blue SwedeSomething Big by Shawn MendesHow Far I'll Go by Auli'i CravalhoCloser by The ChainsmokersImmortals by American Beauty/American PsychoSide to Side by Ariana GrandeThat's My Girl by Fifth HarmonyJust Like Fire by PinkCome and Get Your Love by Redbone A lot of these are throwbacks, but they are all great songs! Thanks for reading! Love, Gabby


Society: the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community. This is the definition of society, so what does society tell us? There are hundreds and even thousands of things that they tell us are wrong. Here is a huge example:

we all have to fit in one circle of peopleBut the thing is, why should we? This concerns high school kids like me but everyone deals with this more or less. In high school, you are either a popular kid, a nerd, drama fan, jock, music talented, band kid, cheerleader, etc. But why should you fit in just one group? I have always hanged out with the "popular" group, but to be honest, I never felt comfortable with the people I hanged out with. It's not that they were bad people but kids would flow in and out of the circle, and there is the queen and the king of popularity. So this year I decided to branch out and try new things. And you know what? It feels great! Being in one circle made me feel trapped, like if I talked to that …

Great Fitness Workouts

Hey y'all! Today I am sharing some great workout activities that I have done and highly recommend. Enjoy!

Swimming. If you don't know already, I am a swimmer! I swim Monday through Friday from 7 to 8:30 am. Swimming is a very tough sport because you use muscles that you do not use in other sports. I am also a lifeguard, and we are required to be able to swim 200 yards. Boys that I work with that are built and strong have trouble doing 200 yards even, it's very tough! Swimming works your abs, arms, and legs. Plank. The best way to get abs is to plank. It also works your shoulders and calves. Medicine ball workouts. My tennis coach loves to work with medicine balls because you can do so many things with them, here are some examples:
      4.  Running. My mom runs a lot and she is very fit and strong. Running works out your abs, arms, and legs. I am not a fan of running, but I run occasionally to help with my tennis game.  Here are some other workout guides, I love doing the on…

Albion Fit

Hey y'all! Today I am sharing some cute outfits and swimwear that Albion Fit offers. Albion Fit designs swim wear and fitness clothing, enjoy!

Crop Top: $78
Bottoms: $64

Sage Romper: $98

One-piece suit: $128

Mesh Tech Leggings: $98

Swim Crop: $78

Romper: $98

Swim Crop: $88

Thanks for reading!

My Favorite Bath and Body Products

Hey y'all! Today I am sharing my favorite bath and body products, because if you know me, I am the BATH QUEEN. Enjoy!

Lush I believe is one of the best natural and organic products out there, because anything they sell there is made from natural resources. I LOVE their bath bombs and soaps however their shampoo bars are my favorite. 

All you have to do is wet the bar while you are in the shower and rub it on your wet scalp, it  bubbles up and makes your hair smell amazing, and after using it your scalp feels clean and fresh. 

Mixture has everything from candles to bath bombs, and they have tons of scents!! A local shop sells their bath bombs so I get them all of the time, in each bath bomb a gift is inside it! Most of the time it is a charm or maybe a ring, but the idea is creative and it's fun to figure out what is inside your bath bomb.

Dress Obsessed

Hey y'all! So the other day I was doing some online shopping and I found this company called A'GACI. They have some super cute dresses that I want to share with y'all, enjoy!

This dress is only $21.90