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Mermaid Pearl Jewelry

Hey y'all! My mom got me these adorable bracelets and a necklace that are called mermaid pearls, they are so cute! I love how shiny they look in the light!

My mom got them at Brown Eyed Girls Gifts. Go check them out! 

The jewelry is perfect to wear with a preppy t-shirt, that's why I love it so much because I can wear it with Vineyard Vines, Jadelynn Brooke, Simply Southern, etc!

Thank you for reading! 

My Style

Hey y'all here is some of my favorite clothing from my favorite shops! I will link the website where they came from, enjoy!

This shirt is adorable! I love the ruffles at the bottom of the shirt and the color, it's so cute! Click hereto view it.

I obviously love this shirt because it's simple, stylish, and has the word "blog" on it! Click here to view it. 

This dress is so cute! The front is a jean print and the back is a paisly contrast pattern! Click here to view it.

This dress is adorable!! It's so simple and such a cute pattern. And it's flowy and would look great with a statement necklace! Click here to view it.

This Lilly Pulitzer dress is darling! I love all of the colors and how flowy it is, the print is gorgeous!! Click here to view it.

This dress is so cute! I love the pineapple pattern and the colors. Click here to view it. 

This off the shoulder dress is perfect! Anything Lilly Pulitzer is adorable! Click here to view it. 

This tropical dress is so cut…

Bouncy Seaweed Fun

Hey y'all! My grandma bought me these adorable plants called Marimo Moss Balls or "bouncy seaweed" and today I am sharing facts, how to take care of them, and how to get one! Enjoy!


In Japan they are considered good luck charms and a national treasure They are made round by the waves of the lakes where it livesIt's a type of algae They are very easy to take care of!They are super cute!!!Known to live for 200 years or longerThey are often kept as family heirloomsThey are thought to symbolize closeness in family membersMarimo moss balls grow slowly, about 1/5 inch per yearCan reach 12 inches in diameter!How to Take Care of Your Marimo Moss Ball Can be kept in a bottle, aquarium, whateverHousehold lighting Kept in tap water at room temperature Change the water every few weeks Turn the Marimo ball over every once in a while to keep its round shape How to Get One Surprisingly, they are very easy to find and order. Here is some links on how to get one!
Pistil Nursery

Life Update

Hey y'all! It's been 1 week of summer and I am already having so much fun! From lifeguarding to tennis, I've been having a blast!

Literally everyday since school has gone out, I have been out on the tennis courts with my friends playing, it's so much fun! The other day we all went hiking together to a golf course near the courts and crawled through tunnels, played in the creek, caught lizards, and so much more. It was awesome!

Three times a week I go to lifeguard training, it's been so much fun getting to know everyone better and getting in the pool! The pool opens up to the public in 1 week and I am so excited!

I went to the lake with my bible study group and we jumped in the cold lake, it was so much fun! We all met at the lake and had a picnic, we listened to country music and admired the beautiful scenery. It was so much fun hanging out with them!

I have been getting ready for summer swim team by going to an indoor pool in a different town and conditioning. It'…

Advice for Taking the AP World History Test

Hey y'all! On May 11 I took the AP World test and here is some important tips to help you be prepared for the test!

1. Take notes in class.
If there is a important date, write it down. If there is an important dynasty or rule in a country, write it down! 

2. Be aware of different time periods and what happened. 
Example: the 1400s or the 1600s. I had a question regarding global political changes from 1450 to present time. It was difficult to answer because I did not study political changes, just names and places. 

3. Get a good night's rest before you take the test. 
I was exhausted when I took the test because I was up all night studying. So make sure you study early that night then go to bed early. 

4. Stay focused. 
Do not get distracted while reading, answering, or planning out your essay. Remember, this test is timed, so every second and every minute is very valuable. 

Click here to view a Quizlet that has lots of dates/events/names that are good to know!

Thank you for reading! Goo…

My Driving Test

Hey y'all! Today I am sharing my rather hilarious driving test results, enjoy!

When we first arrive, I am literally shaking, I am so nervous! When the highway police men entered my car and we started my test, I drove to a deserted neighborhood and parked on a hill. So far so good! After driving around in the neighborhood, we drive back to where we started and I parallel parked. Actually I tried to parallel park... 


Sooo you guys are probably wondering what the heck I was doing in the car! Well, I was going into the parking spot but I cut too sharp and didn't correct myself fast enough so I hit the curb. When I hit the curb I tried to correct myself again and ended up hitting the front cone. I put the car in reverse and backed up a foot or two. When the highway department officer told me to go back to the front of the building, I forgot I was still in reverse so when I pressed the gas we went backwards. I drove the car back to the fro…

Get To Know Me

Hey y'all! Today I sharing some get-to-know-me things, enjoy!

I am going to be a junior in high school!I am a Jadelynn Brooke rep (use my code GBBHS17 for 15% off)I LOVE playing tennis! I am on the varsity team at my school.I also love to swim! I am a tri-state champion swimmer in breaststrokeI have 9 pets! 2 deer, 2 dogs, 3 cats, and 2 goatsI am terrified of sharks and alligatorsI love reading! My favorite book is The Count of Monte CristoI like 70s and 80s musicI am a huge fan of Marvel moviesI like to go hiking and hanging in my hammock I collect snow globes and medals, I have over 100 each!My favorite school subject is EnglishThis summer I am getting my first job as a lifeguard!I am a huge nerd about Harry Potter and Star WarsMy favorite clothing brand is Jadelynn Brooke During the summer I love to go to the lake and go campingMy favorite cartoon is Avatar the Last AirbenderMy favorite artists/bands are Redbone, Shawn Mendes, Eagles, The Script, Fall Out Boy, and The ScriptI am…

My Summer Plans

Hey y'all! Today I am sharing my summer plans, enjoy!

1. Swim team
I am part of a local swim team where we practice every morning Monday through Friday. This summer will be my 7th year of being on the team. I am so excited to get in the pool, and to see my swim friends!

2. Ladies tennis practice
I am part of my school's tennis team and practice starts in the summer! This will be my 3rd year on the team. We will practice Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at the beginning of summer then everyday towards the end of summer. I am so excited to see all of the incoming freshman that will be on the team!

3. Engineering camp
This summer I am going to a 4 day engineering camp that will teach me about all of the different types of engineering! I am so excited because I will be with my cousin and the camp is at a college so I will be sleeping in a dorm! 

I am starting my first job this summer at my local water park as a lifeguard! I have already started training and the pool opens up Mem…