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The Importance of Writing

Hey y'all! Today I am sharing my reasons as to why writing is so important, enjoy!

Before I begin, here is some important background information about me when I was young:
1. When I was in 4th grade a wrote a small book and I got to go to a conference and learn about literature and I got a award for writing a amazing book (at the time lol)
2. When I was in 6th grade I won $100 for writing an essay about an organization
3. When I was in 8th grade I won $75 for writing an essay about veterans

So, as you might've already guessed, I love writing. I've been doing it forever and anytime there is a writing contest I am always in it. During my spare time I write short stories about queens, kings, kingdoms, societies, etc. In fact, I am writing a short story right now in my journal! I think it is so fun to write, to get creative, let your imagination roam and explore, I personally think it is one of the best stress-relieving things to do. I even write poetry every once in a while, I hav…

My Favorite Things About Spring

Hey y'all! Today I am sharing my favorite things about spring, enjoy!

The small green leaf buds on the treesThe smell of flowersWhen planting flowers the smell of dirtSpring means spring sports are here!School is almost over!The transformation of dead grass to a light greenIt rains a lot during spring :)During spring I wear colors like light blue and light purple, which are so pretty!Dogwood flowers start to bloom Perfect hammock and hiking weatherThanks for reading! Love, Gabby

Florida Update

Hey y'all! Today we left the Pensacola campground and headed to Destin! Our campground in Destin is SO nice, it has 2 pools, an activity center, beach house rentals, a water slide, bike rentals, and so much more! This place is huge, and there is so much to do! Once we got settled in at our campsite(which is walking distance from the beach) my brother, my dad, and I went swimming at the pool! We would have swam in the ocean but there is a cold front right now in Destin so it was too chilly to swim. So instead we went to one of the campground's pools that actually has a dome cover over it for the winter! After we swam my mom and I went shopping! We went to Lilly Pulitzer and Vineyard Vines!! At Lilly Pulitzer I got a few items... y'all will find out what I got soon!! At Vineyard Vines I got a long sleeve navy blue shirt, I love it!! After my mom and I went shopping, we picked up my brother and my dad from the campsite and looked around to find a place to eat. We decided on C…

My JLB Favorites

Hey y'all! Here are some of my favorite JLB Spring Collection items! They are all so cute and you can get 15% off on any item from JLB by using my code GBBHS17! If you use my code, send me a message at WITH PROOF of using my code and I will send you free stickers!! 

Thanks for reading!

Florida Update

Hey y'all! I am FINALLY at the beach!! Today we are at Pensacola, a town an hour away from Destin. We are staying here tonight then we are heading to Destin tomorrow. When my family and I arrived at Pensacola, it was sprinkling so my mom and I decided to check out some shops near our RV resort. I found a Jadelynn Brooke hat in a boutique that says "Beach Vibes Only", it's so cute!! I can't wait to take pictures of it tomorrow. I'm not sure if the hat is a new or old product, because it is not available on the website and the boutique had some older shirts from Jadelynn Brooke. It could possibly be a new hat but JLB hasn't shown it yet. Click here to view Jadelynn Brooke's hats and accessories! (Use my code GBBHS17 for 15% off at checkout!)

Anyways, after my mom and I went shopping we went on a drove on a road to see all of the colorful houses. I saw a sandy trail on the side of the road and asked my mom to stop so we can go to the ocean. We stopped the…

Festival of Colors

Hey y'all! So if you have been on Google, you will notice that the logo for Google is splattered with bright colors today. I got curious so  I clicked on the logo to discover what it meant. Well, today is the Holi Festival celebrated in India, Nepal, and many other countries! Today Hindu people celebrate by hugging each other, throwing bright colored powders in the air, and giving blessings to others. The people tell stories and legends around a fire with friends and family and sing songs. The Holi Festival is also known as Festival of Colors and Festival of Love. The night before the festival, people build a fire to celebrate that good conquers evil. The colorful powders represent the coming of spring and all of the bright colors that nature brings. I think it is important to learn about other cultures and religions because you can connect to several other people that way and you can gain your knowledge. Thank you for reading!


Source of Information: http://www.holifestiv…