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A Healthy Lunch for School

Hey y'all! School is here and that means packing a lunch! Lots of kids just pack a sandwich, chips, fruit snacks, and a candy bar. Sadly this isn't good for us. Today I am sharing an example of a healthy nutritious lunch! Enjoy!

Chopped salad is amazing! It's yummy, comes in a bag, healthy, and available anywhere! 
A lot of people don't realize that dressing has lots of fats in it. This dressing is very healthy and low on fat!

Parmesan cheese goes perfectly with the salad!

Celery is one of my favorite vegetables, and is really good with... PEANUT BUTTER!
This Nature Valley protein bar is perfect for an after school snack!
Forgot to take a separate photo for my apples, but I like the honey crisp kind. I also put lemon juice in my bag to stop the browning of the apples!
Ready for school! :)
Click here to view my lunch box.
Thanks for reading! Love, Gabby

Why I'm Excited for School

Hey y'all! School is literally a few days away and honestly I can't wait! Towards the end of the summer, things aren't busy at all, so I get bored haha! But when school starts I will be busy as a bee! Here are the reasons why I am excited for school to start, enjoy!

1. I get to see my friends! Since I had a job this summer, I didn't get to hang out with my friends that much. But when school starts, I will be able to catch up!
2. Tennis season is here! When school starts, that means tennis tournaments start up too!
3. Christmas will be here in 5 months!!
4. I get to take AP Seminar! It's a new class that my high school offers where you do presentations with your classmates! It's gonna be so fun!
5. I get to go school shopping! That means new clothes, supplies, and shoes!
6. I can't wait to go to Friday night football!
7. My brother is going to be a freshman so I get to drive him to school everyday!
8. I am going to be a junior, so I can go to prom!
9. I am excited to…

10 Tips About Your First Summer Job

Hey y'all! Today I am talking about things I have learned this summer about jobs. This summer I was a lifeguard. Hopefully this is helpful and hopefully you will be successful! Enjoy!

1. If you realize that you don't like the job, QUIT. Don't waste time there being miserable.
2. Don't talk about your boss or co-workers with your co-workers, especially if there are not that many people working at that place. If  you are miserable or want to complain about someone at work, keep it to yourself.
3. Pack a lunch, don't go to McDonalds or Taco Bell. It's much more healthy to pack a salad or hummus. 
4. Always offer to do extra chores or cleaning, be helpful.
5. Be welcoming and nice to guests or customers, people will notice! 
6. Get to know your co-workers, you will be doing 6-8 hour shifts with them by the way!
7. If you are busy like I am, find a VERY flexible job. Working as a lifeguard has made me realize that I can't do that next summer. Decide if you should do a …

My Summer Reflections

Hey y'all! Summer is nearly gone and school is approaching, and this summer I have learned and done so much! Today I am sharing my reflections of Summer 2017, enjoy!

1. Lifeguarding isn't for everyone. This summer I got my first job as a lifeguard at my local water park. I have realized that it isn't for me however it introduced me to something I am very passionate about.
2. Creating a business. When I lifeguarded, I would be in a group of 4 lifeguards and teach little kids how to swim. When my mom's friends found out that I was a lifeguard, they asked if I could do private lessons for their kids. And while I was doing lessons with the other lifeguards, I realized that this is what I love to do! This summer, I did 9 lessons a week Monday-Friday then go to work. It was challenging, but next year is going to be promising! I am going to just do lessons next summer and hopefully get a lot more lessons in.
3. Scary movies. I have a tennis family, and one day when we showed up …

How to Get Better at Tennis

Hey y'all! I am a Varsity tennis player at my high school! Today I am sharing my tips on how to become a better tennis player, what to bring when you play, and more! Enjoy!

1. Don't get mad if you lose your match. Instead of getting mad at yourself, admit what you did wrong, learn from your mistakes, and get better.
2. Be aggressive when playing, but don't go out and kill the ball! All of my friends call me a power house because I hit the ball so hard, but you must maintain control of the ball. What I mean about killing the ball is, don't hit it as hard as you can, most likely it will go out.
3. Bring a towel to your match if you sweat a lot.
4. Be positive. If you are playing doubles, it's a good idea to high five your partner after each point to keep each other motivated. 
5. Your partner comes before picking up a ball. If you are playing doubles and you won the point, don't just turn around, pick up the ball, then go high five your partner. High five your partner…

Mississippi Miracle Clay Skin Care

Hey y'all! Mississippi Miracle Clay is now one of my favorite skin care product companies, everything is organic and made with the finest ingredients! Today I am collaborating with Mississippi Miracle Clay by reviewing more of their products! Enjoy!
//Mineral Castile Soap//Watermelon Seed Facial Serum//Charcoal Mint Facial Mask//Muscadine Honey Facial Mask//

After putting on this clay, you feel radiant!! It smells fresh and when you wash it off you feel like a totally new person! I put this clay at night for about 15 minutes before I go to bed then wash it off, absolutely love it!

I put this clay on as much as possible! It smells minty and feels so good when you have it on! It seriously feels like the charcoal is giving your face a total makeover! I wear the mask for 10-15 minutes and it's easy to wash off! 

This serum is so refreshing! I put it on in the morning when I feel worn out or my face feels clammy or sweaty from waking up. It wakes me up and works great! This mineral cast…

Colorado Trip Recap

Hey y'all! So if you have been seeing my posts on Instagram, you have seen that I went to Colorado!! We went to Estes Park, a small town by the Rocky Mountain National Park! Today I am sharing pictures and what we did, enjoy!

DAY 1:
Our first day in Colorado was spectacular, the drive to Estes Park was absolutely beautiful! The road was in the middle of two mountains next to the Big Thomson River. It was gorgeous!! 

When we got to our campsite, my mom and I immediately went to town and started shopping!

My favorite store had bath bombs, soaps, oils, and salts from Mixture! The store was called Trendz. I will do a blog post soon about the things that I bought from Colorado soon! 

When we got back shopping, the other families that we were traveling with had made it to the campground. We decided to stay at the campsite and explore!

It was breathtaking, everywhere you looked you saw trees, mountains, and at least one water source. My friends and I finished the night by watching a movie in o…

Bible Study: God's Unexpected Ways of Helping You

Hey y'all! I am currently reading Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance and found a certain page in the book very interesting. It talks about how God sends help, but sometimes you don't even realize it. This passage is blunt but has purpose, enjoy!

"A young man was sitting at home when a terrible rainstorm began. Within hours, the man's house began to flood, and someone came to his door offering a ride to higher ground. The man declined, saying "God will take care of me." A few hours later, as the waters engulfed the first floor of the man's home, a boat passed by, and the captain offered to take the man to safety. The man declined, saying "God will take care of me." A few hours after that, as the man waited on his roof--his entire home flooded--a helicopter flew by, and the pilot offered transportation to dry land. Again the man declined, telling the pilot that God would take care of him. Soon thereafter, the waters overcame the man, and as he stood be…

Short Story: My Conversation with God

Hey y'all! If you don't know already, I LOVE writing. In my spare time I love to write blog posts and short stories. This short story is one of my new projects! Please leave feedback in the comment section if I should continue the story. Thanks and enjoy!

My Conversation with God Preview: God: Are you sure? Me: Yes. God: Remember, after this decision there is no turning back, no second chances. Me: I understand. God: Then I will do it. Remember, I love you, my daughter. Me: I love you too, my Lord.
Chapter 1: The perfect blue sky, the puffy white clouds, the smell of sunscreen, and the taste of watermelon would seem like a perfect day at the lake. The Day had all of these details however, thirty seconds of that day changed me forever. I remember the day so clearly, like it was yesterday, however it has actually been 22 years since The Day. But even now, I remember it all. How is it that our minds can remember every detail before a life changing moment? Sometimes I wish my mind would for…

I'm Going to Jail! Just Kidding

Hey y'all! Today I am sharing a hilarious story about one crazy pool day with my brother, it left us both laughing and a memory we will never forget, enjoy!

It was about a week ago, I had the day off from work and I was playing with my brother in our pool. My brother wanted to play prison so he ran to his room and got his play metal hand cuffs. I allowed him to put them on me since I am never home and we haven't played together in a while. He puts the hand cuffs on me and about 5 seconds later I demand him to take them off because they were so tight on my wrists. He laughs and gets the key and puts it in the hole. Suddenly, I hear a SNAP and my brother is pale. I say "Uh Gavin what was that". Gavin pulls the key out of the hole and the top part of the key is gone! It had snapped inside the hole. Now I am panicking, I have these tight metal hand cuffs on and the key is broken. We get out of the pool and get our mom. She at first laughs then stops when she realizes that…