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Going into Freshman Year

Freshman year went by so fast and it is one of your most important year of high school because it is the year your GPA begins. So here is some tips that you need when going into your first year of high school!

1. Use a planner/agenda
Nothing is more stressful when you forget you have a huge test the next day and you haven't started studying, so make sure you write when you have a test, assembly, doctor's appointment, soccer game, homework assignment, etc.

2. Play sports or be part of clubs
Playing sports or participating in a club is a great way to meet new friends and get to know upper classman! I play tennis and track and I have met several older kids that I hang out with all the time now!

3. NEVER procrastinate 
Always get your homework done before you go to school, you never know if you may or may not have study hall or if you have time in class.

4. Hang around people that bring you up instead of bringing you down
Hang with teens that love and care about you and make sure …