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Healthy Salad Toppings

Hey y'all! I eat lots of salads as my meal, but sometimes salads can get a little boring... So today I am sharing some healthy toppings to put on your salad, enjoy!

StrawberriesSliced almondsSunflower seedsCornBlueberriesCranberriesMangoBlue cheeseApplesCarrotsBroccoliCucumbersTomatoesChicken(grilled)Granola*Spiced nutsdried fruitsRaspberriesBlackberriesChopped onionKiwiGrapesWatermelonPineappleAvocadoPearPeppersCherriesMandarin orangesCantaloupeBeansBrussel sproutsArtichoke LeekMushroomsOlivesPeasEggs*Bacon bits*Seafood*Croutons*Meats*Crackers*SeedsTofu* I stay away from these foods because they either have lots of carbs or most likely have preservatives in them.
Thank you so much for reading! Love, Gabby
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Favorite Fall Recipes

Hey y'all! One of my favorite things about fall is the food, everything between pumpkin spice and chili. Today I am sharing great fall recipes that I have tried and loved! Enjoy!

Favorite Products: FinchBerry Soap

Hey y'all! Lots of people use shower gel or hand soap to wash themselves. I use soap bars! They honestly smell so much better and come in the cutest packaging! Today I am reviewing a brand called FinchBerry, enjoy!

The packaging of this soap is gorgeous, am I right? It's so professional looking and has a "hip" look. The brand has hundreds of scents and they are so unique looking!

Also, the soaps are good quality, my grandma buys me this brand of soap all the time and I always know when she does because when I am near the shopping bag(where the soaps are in) I can smell the soaps!  I really like the swirls at the top of the bar, it makes it look so pretty! Normally soaps are shaped as squares/ovals/rectangles/etc but this brand it different! 
Thank you for reading! And go check out FinchBerry! Love, Gabby

7 Ways to Procrastinate Studying

We all don't have time every once in a while to study for 2-3 days for a big test, there is family gatherings, sports, and hanging out with friends that don't allow us too. This year, I am taking AP Government, where we have a 4 page test over reading from our giant textbook. I also play tennis and in 4 clubs. Lots of times I don't have time to study a few days before the test, and today I am sharing my secret on how I can make As on the test and only studied for a couple hours the night before!

1. Annotate your textbook. If you don't know what annotating is, it's also called active reading. It's when you write down anything that stands out to you or facts/dates/formulas/people and put it on a sticky note and flag it in your book. You can also highlight, underline, or circle words in the text(if you have permission to). You can use this method for any subject. 
2. Pretend you are teaching a class the topic and reviewing for the test. If you were a teacher, how wo…

Coincidence, or a Message from God?

Hey y'all! So many national events have been going on, there was a solar eclipse, Hurricane Harvey, and flooding in Houston. These events happened on:
Solar Eclipse: August 21st
Hurricane Harvey: August 25th
Flooding in Houston: August 26th

And this is Luke 21: 25-26 ///
"And may there be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in that stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken."

Wow, isn't this crazy?! How is it that these significant events happened, and this amazing bible verse has the same numbers and in the same order?! Is this a warning that more things are on the way? Coincidence or not, I think we all should take this seriously. Bad things have been happening, the Charlottesville attack, Venezuela's collapsing government, hurricanes, terrorists attacks in Europe, and…

Favorite Products: Jadelynn Brooke Pullover

Hey y'all! Fall is approaching and that means Jadelynn Brooke Boyfriend Pullovers are back!! I got the gray one last year and I adore it! Today I am reviewing it so in case you are interested in getting one, you will be convinced to buy one after reading this! Enjoy!
Reasons Why I Love My Pullover:

The fabric is comfy, light, breathable, and soft. It is literally the perfect pullover, I never get too warm wearing it! A lot of times pullovers can be scratchy or rough, but certainly not this one!It's so stinking cute! I love the pattern, the collar, and the small details, you can definitely tell that it is high quality.It lasts a long time. I got this pullover last year and there is not a piece of string that is out of place or fell out! I went on a hike a couple weeks ago with this pullover on and I fell and got all muddy and wet. Then I carried it for hours while it had mud on it because we were in the middle of the woods. When I got back home I threw it in the washer and it was…

Favorite Products: Lush Shampoo Bar

Hey y'all! I am a big believer in organic, essential oils, and natural products for skin care. Lush Cosmetics is amazing! Their products are handmade and smell so good! My favorite product made by them is their shampoo bars! You wet the bar in the shower and rub it against your head or skin and it immediately creates bubbles!! They also last for a long time and don't go bad. My hair feels so clean and fresh when I get out of the shower! There are many colors/scents of the shampoo bars, click here to view all of them and click here to view the one in the pictures. 

Thank you for reading!